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Which one of the levels of FOCUS or INTENT are for you?

FOCUS has been around successfully since 2014 and if you know that you want to start with FOCUS, then just skip the trial-weeks and start at once, why wait? 🙂

From 2017 we have a new level on Next Level Fitness: INTENT! If you are interested, this level requires that you first start with FOCUS and follow the program for at least 2 weeks and at let us know that you want to apply for INTENT-access!

The reason why you can´t start INTENT at once is that this level really isn´t for anybody. This a program for elite performance and elite recovery! So it´s for you who not only can perform at a high level, but also realise that you need to take care of yourself the other 90% of the weeks hours that is not training. So sleep, nutrion, stress management and other things is as, if not more, important than just the training.

Is this you? Start with FOCUS above, show us that you can follow the program and let us now that you are interested in INTENT. You´re soon in for a ride!

Got more questions about FOCUS or INTENT? Start with reading the description on our main page: and the FAQ. Please email us at if you got more questions and let us know!